How To Make Money On YouTube In Nigeria (2024)

Want to know How to make money on YouTube in Nigeria? Finding simple and easy ways to start earning income? Let’s dive into the post to know.

Affiliate marketing, sponsored videos, and selling merchandise are just a few ways to earn money on YouTube in Nigeria.

You can turn your passion for creating content into a profitable business with the right strategy and effort.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into each of these methods, providing tips and tricks for making the most of your YouTube channel and earning money.

Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting, this guide is a valuable resource for anyone looking to monetize their channel and make money on YouTube.

Make Money On youtube In Nigeira
Make Money on YouTube In Nigeria

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods for making money via YouTube. Essentially, you can earn a commission on sales made through your YouTube videos by including affiliate links in them.

Finding affiliate programs that are a good fit for your channel’s subject matter and viewership is the first step toward monetizing your videos.

Only promote products or services that you have confidence in and be transparent about using affiliate links. In order to increase the likelihood that people will click on your affiliate links, you should also work to expand your audience and maintain meaningful relationships with them.

2. Sponsored Videos

Sponsored videos are another method of monetization for users of the video-sharing platform YouTube. Here, you can collaborate with businesses to make videos advertising their products and services.

Typically, the brand will compensate you monetarily for making the video, with the potential for an additional payment tied to the video’s success.

Starting out in sponsored content requires both a sizable audience and a history of producing high-quality work for that audience.

Reaching out to brands is just one option; you can also use a talent agency or influencer marketing platform to connect with potential partners.

You should always let your audience know when they are being introduced to sponsored content, and you should only partner with companies that share your values and demographic.

3. Selling Merch on Youtube

Promotional merchandise can include things like t-shirts, mugs, and other items with your brand or logo printed on them. This is a more in-depth tutorial on how to monetize your YouTube channel through product sales.

A YouTube channel is essential before selling any merch. Something as simple as a logo or slogan can go a long way toward establishing a distinct brand identity that readers will associate with your content and values.

Teespring, Redbubble, and Printful are just a few examples of online marketplaces that let you make and sell products without worrying about stock or shipping. You can find a huge selection of products and personalization options on these sites.

After you’ve got your products ready to go, you’ll need to get the word out to your target market. To do this, you can either create a video specifically about the merchandise you’re selling or add a link to your online store in the video’s description.

Having a conversation with your target market is a must if you want to make a sale. Get back to people who leave comments, inquire about their thoughts, and pay attention to what they have to say.

Better products that your target market adores mean happier customers and more money in your pocket.

Market your merch on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook as well. That’s a great way to expand your customer base and boost your revenue.

If you want your products to stand out from the crowd, you need to get creative. You can come up with one-of-a-kind styles, release special editions, and team up with other online personalities to sell more.

4. Youtube Partner Program

The video-sharing website YouTube has quickly become one of the most lucrative opportunities for independent creators who are looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Monetizing Youtube Channel in Nigeria
Monetizing Youtube Channel

Through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), content producers can earn money from their videos by monetizing their videos with ads, sponsorships, and merch shelves.

Some criteria must be met before you can enroll in the program and begin receiving benefits and making on YouTube.

You need to create a Google AdSense account and connect it to their YouTube channel. You can now make money with ads on your videos.

Step 1: A YouTube account can be made for free by visiting and filling out the registration form there. In order to proceed, you’ll be asked to register with your name, email address, and unique password.

Following registration, you’ll be asked to verify your identity by associating your account with a Google AdSense profile. It won’t take more than a few minutes to finish this straightforward procedure.

Step 2: You then need to make content that is both interesting and legal under YouTube’s terms of service and community guidelines.

Violent or offensive videos, as well as any content that goes against YouTube’s terms of service, are strictly forbidden.

Step 3: Be sure your content follows YouTube’s community guidelines by reading through them before uploading any videos.

Keep in mind that if you want to attract a large following and monetize your YouTube channel, you need to make content that people want to watch.

Step 4: You need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time per month to be considered for the YouTube Partner Program. That’s why your channel must have enough audience and a steady stream of interaction.

Creating high-quality content and promoting your videos consistently over time is what will ultimately bring in the most views and subscribers.

You can earn mon on YouTube from your videos once you meet the requirements and turn on the monetization features of ads.

In YouTube Studio click the Monetization button to get started. In this section, you’ll find options for monetizing your videos through advertising, arranging product sponsorships, and selling swag.

Keep in mind that not all videos will be able to generate revenue and that YouTube has the final say in deciding which videos can include advertisements.

Displaying advertisements is the primary method of monetization for videos on YouTube. In exchange for allowing YouTube to display advertisements within your videos, you will receive compensation based on the number of views and clicks on those advertisements.

If you want to make money on YouTube in Nigeria, the promotion of your videos and audience growth is essential.

Benefits of YouTube Partner Program

  • Earn Money on YouTube through the Superchat feature.
  • Take fees of channel membership from the audience.
  • Merchandise shelf below the videos.

5. Get Paid From Youtube Subscribers

Get paid from your subscribers directly without depending on Ads and affiliates. It requires loyal subscribers who can pay you to watch your content. There is no limitation to getting paid from subscribers and withdrawing money from YouTube in Nigeria.

Channel Memberships

By paying a monthly subscription to subscribe to a creator’s channel, viewers can support them.

Members get access to live broadcasts and films that are solely available to them in exchange for special benefits like badges and personalized emojis. You must have at least 100,000 subscribers before you can start selling channel memberships.

Super Chat

With the help of the Super Chat feature, fans can pay to have their message included during a live stream or premiere.

The longer their message remains pinned in the chat, the more they pay. Channels with at least 1,000 subscribers can use Super Chat.

You must activate the feature on your channel and advertise it to your audience in order to start earning money from channel memberships and Super Chat.

This can be accomplished by mentioning it in your videos, making a post that is pinned to the top of your channel, or even making a video that is focused solely on the benefits of membership.

6. Crowdfunding

Through crowdfunding, creators can earn cash for a certain project or goal from their audience. Here is a more thorough instruction on how to use crowdfunding to monetize your YouTube channel:

Define your objective: You must have a certain objective in mind before launching a crowdfunding campaign.

This might be used to support a new video series, a live event, or even a fundraising effort. To make it simple for your audience to comprehend what you’re supporting, it’s crucial to have a clear, attainable aim.

Pick a platform for crowdfunding: You can utilize Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Patreon, among other platforms. It’s critical to select the platform that best meets your demands because each one has a unique set of features and costs.

Make a campaign page: After selecting a platform, you must make a campaign page. This has to have a thorough explanation of your objective, a video outlining the project, and details on the rewards you’re providing backers.

Once your campaign page is created, you must advertise it to your target demographic. Create a video describing the campaign, post updates on social media, or even add a banner or end card to your videos to accomplish this.

Engage with supporters: Building a community around your project is equally as important as raising money through crowdfunding. Respond quickly to feedback and messages, and inform your supporters of how the campaign is doing.

Be transparent: After the campaign is over, you must maintain your word. This entails thanking your supporters and keeping them informed of how the initiative is doing.

7. Comment Moderating

If you wanted to work for YouTube, one of your duties would be to observe and moderate comments on videos to make sure they follow the site’s community guidelines.

Tasks in this category may include filtering out abusive content, blocking abusive individuals, and reporting them to YouTube.

Moderating comments on YouTube requires knowledge of the site’s rules and the ability to multitask. Comment moderators are in demand and can find work with a variety of firms and organizations, or they can work independently.

You can also reach out to YouTube channel owners or managers who are searching for a moderator for their channel.

Working as a comment moderator requires speed, efficiency, and clear communication. The ability to collaborate and adhere to established procedures is also essential.

The hourly wage ranges from moderate to good, depending on the company or organization you work for, in this field.

As a comment moderator, you should be aware that you may be exposed to content that may be upsetting or otherwise stress your emotional reserves.

Taking care of one’s mental health and maintaining a good work-life balance are both crucial.


In this informative blog post, I have discussed different methods to make money on YouTube in Nigeria. You can start your YouTube journey and publish videos for earning from day one without any difficulties after reading the above blog post.