How To Make Money In Nigeria with Amazon? 2024

Amazon is one of the largest online platforms with millions of users and also one of the great platforms where anyone can work and earn money. With the experience of earning money online, I was finding ways to earn money on Amazon and the first question that arises is how to make money on Amazon in Nigeria.

But to make money on Amazon, you need to know the top methods that you can use to generate income from Amazon.

Amazon made $469 billion in 2022 and each year amazon generated more revenue than the previous year since 1994 when it was launched. You can have little parts from this huge revenue. Let’s find out the Ways to make money on Amazon in Nigeria.

1. Sell Books on Amazon KDP(Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon kdp provides the best platform for anyone who wants to publish their book and many people are selling their books on Amazon kdp. You can also make money on Amazon kdp without even printing your book.

make money on amazon kindle publishing, kindle diret publishing
Make money on Amazon KDP

You just need to upload the pdf of the book you have written and hit the publish button on Amazon kdp. You don’t need to be a professional writer to publish the book on KDP.

With your good knowledge and writing skills, you can make an informative book that can be helpful for people. Amazon platform is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

There is a method that you can use for publishing books on Amazon kdp without writing yourself. Yes! it is possible to publish a book without writing a word and this method requires less effort and more publishing books.

Several websites on the internet provide license-free e-books to readers. You can select those books which you want to publish on kdp and download books.

After downloading the pdf, you can edit the content as per your requirements and upload it on kdp.

Important Points:

  • You can start generating income from the first month on Amazon KDP.
  • No Investment is required to publish books on Kindle direct publishing.
  • You can earn bonuses from Amazon.
  • One time publishing a book, you can earn money each time someone purchases a book.
  • No need to manage the orders for the books.
  • Less competition.

2. Affiliate Marketing From Amazon

You may have referred someone to something at least once in your life. What if I tell you that you can generate a good income from referring products available on Amazon to anyone?

Yes! This is 100%  true that you can make money on Amazon with affiliate marketing in Nigeria by convincing someone to buy a product from your link generated from the Amazon associate platform.

This program is known as Amazon Associate and it is the biggest affiliate marketing platform in the world.

You can create a one-page blog and write information about the products for which you want to get a commission from the Amazon associate program.

Whenever someone buys through your affiliate link which you have inserted on the blog page, you will earn a commission from Amazon.

Important Points:

  • Free to Join Amazon associate.
  • You can get a commission for each product order when someone buys the products through your affiliate. It means not just the products for which you have referred but all the products that a buyer has ordered.
  • You can earn bonuses from Amazon associates.
  • Little bit competitive.

3. Selling Products on Amazon

By reading the heading you can think that you need to sell your products on Amazon. You can sell your products by listing them on Amazon which has millions of visitors every month.

make money on amazon by selling
sell products on amazon in Nigeria

When it comes to making money on Amazon, selling products on Amazon is the number one method. You can make thousands of dollars(millions of Naira) per month just by selling products on Amazon.

But the question you have in your mind is whether you can sell products and list your products in Nigeria. Here is the answer to how you can sell products on Amazon in Nigeria.

How To Sell Products on Amazon from Nigeria

Selling products on Amazon from Nigeria is not possible until you use some tricky way to get yourself registered on amazon as a seller. Also, you need to put extra effort into doing this as it is officially not available in Nigeria.

You need to use a trusted VPN that will change your IP address from Nigeria to another country in which amazon seller registration is enabled.

The main method is known as Amazon Dropshipping. In this method, you buy amazon products for sale and pay someone or another company to store them until you order them for your customers who have placed orders on amazon.

Important Points:

  • Investment is required to start selling on amazon.
  • Managing this business from Nigeria using VPN is very hectic and requires a lot of effort.
  • You can make a lot of money by selling products on amazon.
  • You need to beat the competitors.

4. Make Money With Amazon Handmade

You may have heard for the first time about Amazon handmade but it is one of the most popular platforms on the internet to sell arts, and crafts, handmade things, accessories, and other related products.

You can make handmade things and crafts by watching videos but due to Amazon policy, you can not directly sell handmade on amazon from Nigeria. You can register yourself on amazon by using VPN and selecting the country same as given above.

Important Points:

  • You need to invest in this business to start selling on Amazon Handmade.
  • You need to put in a lot of effort to handle this business.
  • Little bit competitive.
  • You can expect to generate income from the first month.

5. Amazon Arbitrage

You may have heard about Adsense arbitrage and arbitrage blogging but amazon arbitrage is one of the tricky ways to make a lot of money.

This arbitrage method for amazon is also the best and can give you more money than other arbitrage methods.

It requires less effort but good planning and the presence of mind. You need to be aware of the demand for products in the market as per the season and the shortage of the products in the seasons.

Everyone knows that Amazon brings great offers at various times and that can be the way to make money on Amazon in Nigeria for you.

In the dry season, various things such as coolers, ac, and other important things which are important for everyone in the dry season get easily out of stock or the price of these products gets increased.

You can purchase these products in bulk during the offer period on Amazon and can easily sell these products at a higher price during the dry season. This is one of the methods that many folks out there in Nigeria are using and making a lot of money.

Important points:

  • It is easy to do and requires less effort than the other ways mentioned.
  • It may require storage for storing the products.
  • You need to invest your money to make a profit on sales.
  • The presence of mind is the main to make this method profitable.

6. Amazon Merch

Amazon merch is one of the largest platforms in America for selling wearable items such as pants, t-shirts, shirts, and many more items. However, it requires an amazon seller who is located in the United States.

But you can also make money from amazon merch in Nigeria and it is not as difficult that many people say. First, you need to have a verified Payoneer account for receiving payment from amazon merch.

The second thing you need to have is VPN which can help you to register yourself on amazon merch as a seller. Now, you can use amazon merch as a seller and can upload the designs and set the selling price.

All the procedures of printing and delivering and packaging will be handled by Amazon and you don’t need to take responsibility for these things.

After setting up the price you need to wait for the orders and after delivering the order to customers, amazon will pay you money as a royalty.

Important points:

  • You can start with zero money without any investments.
  • You can make money on amazon merch with less effort.
  • A completely automatic process as all the major steps will be done by amazon.

7. Amazon Mechanical Turk(MTurk)

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a small online platform available in the United States and one of the trusted platforms which provide small tasks to the user who wants to work on this site.

make money on amazon mturk

These small tasks are like filling up surveys, moderating, and validating. You can also register yourself by using a VPN in Nigeria.

You need a Payoneer account to get paid on Amazon mturk in Nigeria. However, this method will not give you a lot of money as other methods which we have discussed above but you can make at least 6700 Naira per hour if you will work with seriousness and effort.

Important points:

  • You can earn money on Amazon Mechanical without investing money.
  • Requires little effort to complete the tasks.
  • You have to use VPN every time before opening a site which may be a little hectic for some people.

Final Thoughts

As We got to know the best ways to make money on Amazon in Nigeria, you need to give your time on one site for a few months. So that you can completely understand and work with your full efforts to get paid on Amazon.

After you start earning from one platform, you can start putting your effort into the second way to understand the second site and earn money from it.