Does TikTok Pay Nigerian Creators in 2024?

To earn money on TikTok in Nigeria is not a thing of dreams and many influencers are making thousands of dollars per month just by creating videos on TikTok.

It makes you feel that you should also start a Tiktok account but one question may arise in your mind, does TikTok pay Nigerian creators?

does tiktok pay nigerian creators

TikTok pays Nigerian creators like other creators worldwide who are receiving money from Tiktok. Tiktok pays you directly to the Paypal account if you are eligible to withdraw the balance.

Does TikTok Give You Real Money?

Yes! TikTok gives you real money which you can transfer to your bank account without any interruptions through Paypal or Payoneer. Tiktok gives you coins and you can convert these coins into diamonds. Each diamond is equal to the 2x coins.

2 coins = 1 Diamond

These diamonds are converted into dollars and each diamond is equivalent to 5 cents(0.05$). You can withdraw these dollars in your verified Paypal account.

How TikTok Pay Creators?

TikTok offers various ways for creators to make money from content such as in-feed ads and Tiktok creator’s fund.

Tiktok Creator’s Fund

This is one of the main sources on TikTok for creators to make money. Tiktok pays creators monthly millions of dollars in total.

However, you must be eligible for this to receive a creator’s fund. A creator should have at least 10000 followers.

Also, you should have 100000 views in the last 30 days. One of the most important criteria is that your account should be adhering to the guidelines of TikTok and not violate any of the rules.

If the above conditions are fulfilled by the creator, then the creator is able to withdraw the creator fund into their bank account using Paypal.

The rich TikTokers in Nigeria are also benefiting from it and it is one of the main sources of income for them

In Feeds Ads

In-feed ads are recently launched by TikTok for running ads while you watch videos just like Instagram. This is also becoming one of the main sources of income for creators. These are sponsored ads that can give a huge amount of money to the creator.

How Does TikTok Send Money

TikTok mainly uses Paypal to send the money to the creator’s account. A verified Paypal account of the creator is required to receive the money from TikTok.

Also, the creator needs to fulfill the requirements for the withdrawal as per their policy of withdrawal. The minimum balance you can withdraw is 100$ and not less than that.

Payoneer is one more method that TikTok uses to pay creators and it is not commonly known. TikTok also pays creators using Payoneer to their bank accounts. However, a creator should have a verified Payoneer account to receive the money in the bank account.

You can withdraw from TikTok in Nigeria using Paypal as the common method and many creators are using this method.

Last Thought

It is no doubt that TikTok pay Nigerian creators and many are earning thousand of dollars per month from TikTok, and top TikTokers in Nigeria has more than 3 million followers. You can be one of them by presenting your skill using TikTok videos.