Get Paid To Chat In Nigeria – 2024 (5 Legit Ways)

Nigerians are increasingly taking advantage of the growing trend to get paid to chat in Nigeria from the comfort of their own homes.

Customer care representatives commonly use messaging apps to respond to questions and provide guidance to clients.

If you’re looking for a side hustle or need some extra cash but have other obligations, chatting and getting paid jobs could be perfect for you. In the retail, travel, banking, and other sectors, companies like LivePerson, Talk2Rep, and Chat Shop offer paid chat positions.

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Ways To Get Paid To Chat in Nigeria

1. LivePerson

LivePerson is a platform that pays its users to chat with clients and provide assistance on their behalf. It’s a hub for businesses to find independent agents to handle chat assistance for their clients.

In this way, firms may provide round-the-clock customer support without hiring more staff members.

Customer care representatives on LivePerson need excellent verbal and written communication skills, the ability to handle multiple tasks at once, and a knack for figuring things out quickly.

You will also benefit from having some peace and quiet and a PC connected to a steady internet source. To whatever extent you like, and on whatever days you like, you are your own boss.

After being hired on as a CSR, you’ll be able to choose from various positions. You are free to apply to and work for as many companies as you like. The hourly wage might range from $10 to $15 depending on the position.

Opportunities in customer service are available through LivePerson in a number of sectors, including retail, travel, and banking.

You will be in charge of responding to client concerns, fixing problems, and supplying them with details about available offerings.

You can interact with consumers and learn more about the products and services you’ll be supporting through LivePerson.

Working as a customer care representative on LivePerson allows you more freedom in your schedule. With a laptop and an internet connection, you can do your job from just about anywhere.

You may choose your own hours and work as much or as little as you like. Because of this, it’s a fantastic choice for those looking for a part-time or supplementary source of income.

2. Chat Shop

The Chat Shop is an online marketplace enabling firms to hire chat operators to give live, online help to their clients.

Agents can choose their own hours and work from the comfort of their own homes. Excellent communication skills and the ability to multitask are required.

The Chat Shop offers a fantastic remuneration package as well as the opportunity to interact with several organizations from various industries. It is a low-cost solution for businesses to provide round-the-clock service to their customers.

3. Talk2Rep

Talk2Rep is an online marketplace where businesses can hire and search for customer service representatives to connect with customers via chat.

The website acts as a resource for organizations looking for skilled independent customer service agents eager to provide chat-based assistance to their customers.

Customer service jobs are accessible on Talk2Rep in a variety of industries, including retail, finance, and tourism.

To be successful at Talk2Rep, you must have strong communication skills, the capacity to multitask, and a consistent computer and internet connection. You are your own boss to whatever extent and on whatever days you like.

4. Social Media Management

Many firms are looking for people who can handle their social media accounts and connect with their fans.

You can reply to consumer inquiries, communicate with followers, and evaluate the general health of the brand’s social media presence as a social media manager.

To become a social media manager, you must have strong communication skills, be creative, and be familiar with social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

5. Virtual Assistant

The term “virtual assistant” refers to someone who works remotely to assist clients with administrative tasks. Appointment-keeping, email management, and study are all examples.

Working as a virtual assistant allows you the flexibility to interact with clients from anywhere in the world via chat and complete tasks remotely.

Successful virtual assistants have high levels of self-discipline, attention to detail, and verbal fluency.

Final Thought

To chat and get paid in Nigeria is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria, whether you are looking for a part-time online job or a full-time online job from home with no investment. However, you can not expect to get a lot of money immediately as it requires consistency and effort.

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